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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 008

Four years and right months ago

Zhiqiang walks towards chief’s office with a report, but all he can think of now is the irritating face of Li Yi Fan, song of Li Gang

Since the heated debate in the meeting, Li YiFan never gave Zhiqiang good times. Even if he is not the son of the second biggest shareholder, being the personal assistant to chief is already is a good position to give Zhiqiang a hard time. Talking like he is the chief himself makes zhiqiang angry the most. What’s most irritating about Li Yifan is his weird conversational logic and his one of a kind old singapore english slang.
“Hey yo! what’s up buddy?” no matter how much zhiqiang hates Li Yifan, he still needs to suck up to him for the sake of the job. Zhiqiang feels a casual opening would break the ice

“Fuck our mother!” Li Yifan cursed Zhiqiang’s mum before he can even state his purpose to chief’s office. This scolding out of nowhere left Zhiqiang standing stunned. Years of education in him cannot find a appropriate reaction for the next ten seconds

The room is silent for ten seconds

“What’s your fucking problem?!” It’s afterall Li Yifan who breaks the ice, probably because he wants Zhiqiang out of his room

“oh..hehe…is chief in? I got a report I need to discuss with him” Zhiqiang’s desire to keep this job surpressed the only possible reactions from his brain; furious

Li Yifan looks at his own monitor, typing slowing

another ten seconds

Li Yifan stands up suddenly, with a smile on his face. he walks out of his desk, and turn one around in front of zhiqiang

“take a good look at me” Li Yifan still has a smile on his face

This surprising reaction from Li Yifan left Zhiqiang puzzled. Zhiqiang does as he was told and take a good head to toe look at Li Yifan, hoping to minimize the chances of angering Li Yifan

Li Yifan transformed into a hysterical roar

“Do i look like his movement chart?! huh?! Do i look like his GPS?! How would i know if he is here?!”

Li Yifan continues his state of hysteria without a intention to stop. Clueless Zhiqiang can only nod his head slightly to apologize and fled the scene

The hysteria stops after Zhiqiang’s fifth step out of chief’s office.

A recovered zhiqiang is a non perishable angry flame, but a reality zhiqiang is a non changeable mask, he walks to his desk and sits down as usual, as though nothing as happened.

This is the so call professionalism

ZHiqiang looks at the collegues around him, expressionless and fully engrossed in their work, ignoring him BUt zhiqiang felt loneliness just left him

The collegues around him are wear the same expression as him, although the office is a back stabbing world, but zhiqiang felt they are all the same as him when they cannot show their anger from the job, they are all the same as him when they can only blame themselves on poor skills after bring backstabbed, they are all the same as him when they love a job that treats them like slaves, they are all the same as him when they eventually have to climb the ladder stepping on corpses of fellow collegues, they are “comrades”.

This way of thinking make zhiqiang felt much better. He opens his email, and read the email from XiXi yesterday, hoping to draw strength from it

Two more weeks and it will be school holidays for the universities. There will be a lovely evening during the holidays, when Xixi is having dinner with him in Yang Ming Mountain, overseeing the fantastic night view of taipei, and echoes his exclaim on how a wonderful country  China is.


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