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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 007

Zhiqiang sits down beside Meiting with paper and pen

He breathes in deeply, as though there is something in the air that would energize him, then breathes out strong

Zhiqiang is ready

Seven o’clock


Red blood vessels surround changes Meiting’s eyeballs from a state of intense attention is a state of extreme exhaustion. Meiting rests her head slightly on the sofa, and looks at Zhiqiang.

Zhiqiang is already in full stance, he is a hungry wolf with eyes waiting for a prey to appear in FUCK TV

Meiting wants to talk to ZHiqiang for a bit, but she can’t. This was all agreed on after learning from the past failures. No talking to avoid distracting each other. Venting emotions will have to be done without affecting the mood of the other. Ignoring the other venting emotions is also allowed, until the end of the month

Meiting is eating a takeaway lunchbox brought back by ZHiqiang. She tried to eat it quickly, so she can bathe and sleep early.

The living room echoes what Bai Jiazi is saying now in FUCK TV, the sound waves resonance in Meiting’s ear briefly

It is that part again about “the whole world’s female are whores”. Last month, it was this speech in FUCK TV when Meiting is having her period that resulted in the failure. Although this speech has been repeating a few times this month, but Meiting already immunized herself from being affected whenever it’s her shift. Now that she is off her shift, the speech sounds very irritating

Maybe because Meiting is having her period now, or maybe it’s just Meiting is not on shift, the red blood vessels turned Meiting’s eyes from a state of exhaustion to anger. She picks up and drumstick in the lunchbox, imagines it is Bai Jia Zi, and bites it hard.

“Ouch! That hurts!” Li MianChang presses against his toned triceps, complains to Meiting

Meiting looks at LiMianChang with naught eyes, snowwhite like arms entangled the muscular body, Meiting is the world’s happiest creature

“Stop biting me”

Meiting presses her warms lips against that of LiMianChang, seems to suggest that words are not necessary now

“Don’t you need to teach today?” LiMianChang seems to worry more about Meiting’s time.

“I’ll call later to take leave” Meiting presses again her lips to stop LiMianChang from talking. Their passion resembles that of the morning outside the window, getting hotter by the seconds.

Meiting feels someone pulls her away from the back, the world of a naked couple now stands a well dressed woman.

“Who is this bitch?!” Her words are not as nice as her clothes

Nakedness makes Meiting felt defenseless, she doesn’t know what is happening, she just wants to find a piece of cloth to cover herself. On the contrary, LiMianChang does not feel so awkward being naked in front of them.

Meiting finds herself in a plain white space, there is nothing she can find to arm herself. She feels a hot spike on her left cheek, she was slapped.

Meiting screams, the white space disappears, the familiar ceiling can be seen slightly in the dark

The clock feels sorry for Meiting, and comforts her with a time that is still hours away from alarm time

Meiting walks out of the bedroom, Zhiqiang is not a bit affected by what just happened. He is watching a weird dance inside FUCK TV.

Cool water flows down from Meiting throat into her system, puts off the fire started by her hot-headedness

Remembering her dream to marry a rich guy, Meiting’s subconsciousness hates Baijiazi’s theory of “evey female is a whore” even more; it seems to spot on a part of her past that her subconsciousness does not want to remember.

Meiting returns to the bedroom, takes out a book below the bed, and flip to a page with a photo
It was not Zhiqiang not LiMianChang in the photo, but a young man wearing school uniform

The photo is a desert, Meiting’s tears nourishes its memory


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