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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 006

Four years nine months ago

Zhiqiang’s heart is filled with grievance, having to explain the terms about loan application to a blockhead

“I have seen your loan application and would like to offer some suggestions, which might increase the chances of having your application being approved by my superior”

A master in Economics having to stand in for a sales personnel on sick leave on top of his usual numbers crunching job, Zhiqiang’s humiliation is being suppressed by the teachings of his mum; a rookie has to work harder.

“We did a quick business model to analyse your case, if the noodle shop you want to set up is only using this loan amount, it may not reach the minimum economics of scale to even out the rent, food costs, taxes and of course interests from the loan. We suggest you think bigger, find a location with a higher human traffic to increase to potential revenue to get the required economics of scale. You might be missing out on various discounts with just this scale of business.

“I want to do that too, but a shop in good location is hard to come by. Most of the good locations in Taipei are all bought up by big corporations. They sets the rent price high! In the end it’s like working for the landlord!”

“Yes, yes, I understand. But….with this proposal you are submitting, the chances of the loan getting approved to pretty low”

“I can draw up a proposal with a scale like you said, but despite having a hard time to find such a location, I have nothing valuable enough to mortgage! Even the down payment is hard !

Zhiqiang closes his eyes, nodded at various right moments to show ampthy. It might be easier to force a smile on his face if he does not see the sight of this blockhead.

Lacking in such simple knowledge on economics of scale, Zhiqiang wonders why he would even bother to start a business. The difference between spending ten trips to buy ten packets of flour and spending one trip to buy ten packets of flour is a business logic that this blockhead will never understand. If he understands and still choose to start a business of this scale, then all the more he should not get this loan. He wouldn’t be able to pay it off. If he choose not to get a big loan because he has nothing to mortgage, then he is wasting Zhiqiang’s time. Zhiqiang should be on the 15th floor impressing his boss, not on the ground floor entertaining this blockhead.

“I will go back and think about it”

ZHiqiang continue faking his smile with a big relief, he hopes this bloackhead will never come back

“Hello! I would like a full loan to purchase the shopfronts of Yanji Street No 131 to 137

Light perfume seems to transform the pink dress into a young rose. Snow like skin contrast with shiny black hair. Zhiqiang could’t see her face, he saw youth running in the wind.

“Is this…your first time getting a loan?”

“Yes, I just turned 21 yesterday” the confidence from the flower enable zhiqiang to smile without having to fake it

“I see. Well, it’s like this. Usually for first time loaners, we might not be able to approve a loan of such a big amount” No matter how absurd the loan application is, Zhiqiang still has to appear courteous. Let alone facing a rose in the summer

“Yes, one moment please” this girl seems to come prepared with a slight pinch of touristy in the bank. Maybe working on the ground floor is not that bad after all.

“These are four real estates license under my name, we can use this as the mortgage. I do not have a job now, but my plan is to use the rental from these shop fronts to pay off the mortgage and the interests. I believe it’s more than enough”

The addresses from the four license are all near Zhiqiang’s office. The girl might have strolled here just now. The locations of these properties means this loan application could be approved without any internal assessments. And probably just two property would suffice.

“Oh! That’s great! There shouldn’t be too much a problem then. Have you communicated with the sellers yet?”

“My dad does the negotiation with them, should be a done deal by Friday. We are offering double of the market value, I guess the sellers would see this as a fair offer”

Zhiqiang now admires this young lady more. No wonder she brought four licence. Initially zhiqiang thought she is just a young girl poor in numbers and research, now she proves that she got it all figured out.

“Sometimes such good shop fronts might not be for sale no matter what you offer. If you can provide some form of agreement between your father and the sellers, this loan should be approved in two day”

“my dad is wen yun song”

The young lady speaks lighting without any intention to show off her family background, ZHiqiang felt she purely wants this procedure to commence smoothly. But the mention of the name of the previous deputy shanghai mayor, there is probably no shop fronts that cannot be bought in Taipei. This lady has no air and very polite, and already starting to lead a life managing billions of dollars, a huge contrast with the previous blockhead.

“Great, wait for my good news within two days!” ZHiqiang thought there is no way this application is going to take two days to be approved, maybe two minutes.

“Oh! Thanks very much! You will be my go to person now for loan application. Next month with the “Tian Mu Forbidden City” starts to sell, I am going to take loan again! Will look for you again!”

“hehe sure!…you still have house to mortgage?”

“You will find out next month! Look forward to our good news! Bye bye!” The young lady float off like rose pedals in the wind. Watching her back leaves, Zhiqiang realizes that there are no more loan application clients to entertain.

Zhiqiang sorts out the loan applicants information.

The proposal on the blackhead’s noodle shop happens to be on YanJi Street as well, just that the shop he wants to rent is not as good a location as No 131 to No 137.

Zhiqiang’s economics knowledge tells him that even if the bank makes an exception and approves his loan, his scale of business will never be able to withstand the preassure from the rent rising due to inflation. On the contrary, the young lady’s application will, even if not considering who her dad is. Be more feasible. Inflation will back up her request to increase rent in the future.

Zhiqiang shreds the blockhead’s application and throws it into the recycle bin. He places the young lady’s application into a nice folder, and prepares for a flaunt soon to his boss.


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