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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 005

Zhiqiang sits in a small coffee shop, looking upon the crowd on Zhong Xiao East Road. His half filled coffee cup seems to be challenging him on the old question of half full or half empty


One more hour, and he will have to go home and takes over MeiTing’s shift. He is not like Meiting, who is able to watch FUCK TV for 12 hours and sleeps for 12 hours. This is not scientific to him.


Zhiqiang remembers the days when he was still studying economics, his lecturer told the class what is the best way to allocate one’s twenty four hours; eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of leisure. Although Zhiqiang couldn’t achieve this when he was working, sometimes not even eight hours of sleep, he hopes he can try to achieve this now. At least the eight hours of sleep and four hours of leisure with 12 hours of FUCK TV


To a poor man like zhiqiang, leisure time is daydreaming or mental masturbation, this gives him the strength to continue watching FUCK TV


He feels he is like a man who cannot afford a top grade whore, but life cannot goes on if he does not jerk off.


Zhiqiang hates Bai Jia Zi, but in his subconsciousness he knows a truth, he is envy of Bai Jia Zi


Bai Jiazi produces FUCK TV with logic way off how TV stations do it; he produces it the way he feel like it. Bai Jiazi can fuck any movie star or famous model he wants, if he feels like it. Bai Jiazi is not afraid to admit he is an asshole, though this might show the shameless side of Bai Jiazi, this actually shows Bai Jiazi enjoys a special kind of freedom. Free from any consequences as long as he feels like doing anything


This is a kind of freedom Zhiqiang never enjoyed in his whole existence.


From Zhiqiang’s retrievable memory, his mother taught him to listen to the teacher. When he reach the rebellious age in secondary school, he didn’t dare to rebel too much as a result of being too brainwashed by his mum and teachers. High school is a time to get good grades to get into a top university, he couldn’t make any mistakes and took the “right” path. College time is about grades again to impress his future bosses and endless interning to get into the good books or hirers. Even toward his dream girl Xixi, he only dares to chase her “within the rules”. Let alone having freedom when he started working


Zhiqiang failed for 3 months on FUCK TV, this deepens his desure for “freedom” when he succeed


Dump Meiting and buy a 15 years old busty virgin to compensate his over orderly and kind hearted life


Zhiqiang’s lips raise hands to support is idea, the half cup of coffee is finished in a gulp


The cup is full now.


Walking in the dusk of Zhong Xiao East Road, looking at the five star red flag hanging on the shops, Zhiqiang realizes that national day is coming soon. The flag seems to brings back the teaching from Chairman Mao, injecting confidence into Zhiqiang’s bloodstream. He is confident that he wont miss a anything on FUCK TV for the next 12 hours



This serial novel is a adaptation of my independent movie script, “FUCK TV” (, hoping to get my interest from the public before I start a crowdfunding attempt to raise money to make the movie. If you like this story, please donate at the official website


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