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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 004

Four years and 10 months ago

Zhiqiang cups his hands under the tap, brings the cold water to rinse his tired face

In the mirror stands a panda that looks like himself, wearing uniform like suit, standing with a blank face

Sounds of flushes break behind Zhiqiang, and a cubicle’s door opens, walks out a slightly senior looking “comrade”

“Comrade” washes his hands beside Zhiqiang, took a quick look at Zhiqiang and smugged.

“From now on, be careful when you talk to him, especially during a meeting with everyone attending. You are new here, so it’s inevitable to be compromised by him. Just remember this lesson today”

Zhiqiang’s sub-consciousness embraced what his mum taught him; offer help to anyone who needs it like you needed help. What’s more, zhiqiang is part of the company no less, when there is a hidden problem in his department shouldn’t he sound out?

“But my statistics is not even wrong, if we do it in the chief’s way, we will bear losses!”

“Comrade” rolls his eyes.

“Well, bro, no one is saying your numbers are wrong. Your panda eyes…must be a few nights crunching numbers huh? But you should have told chief all these when he is not around, unless what you are saying echoes his thoughts”

“Just who the hell is he?? His proposal can’t pass off as my homework in school! How can chief not see that? How can he help that moron putting me down?”

“because his dad is Li Gang! Something new? He is the brat of the number two shareholder of this bank. He was parachuted to be chief’s personal assistant. He probably hump all day in the uni! So what? Did he still get his degree? It will be a miracle if he actually knows what’s a proposal! But we can’t offend him! In the future, if you think what you are going to say to not to his liking, talk to chief in private after meetings. No matter how bad he does things, say he is good. No matter how irritating he is, love him! How else do you think all these rich brats became successful? He is the benchmark!”

“But proposals are approved in the meetings, would chief still amend them after hearing what I say in private?”

“Come on dude, how many in our department really give a damn about that? Count your blessings you are still holding on to this job! If you don’t have a dad like him it’s pointless. Take it easy man!”

For the first time in life, zhiqiang felt what his mum taught him since young is wrong; work hard and you will succeed. Zhiqiang is furious whenever the image of Li tianyi’s unreasonableness came back again in his mind. But the fact that he is the son of a big shareholder of the bank, zhiqiang knows that Li Tian yi can get him sacked easily if he wants. Zhiqiang cannot afford to lose this job now, no matter how hard this job is. Zhiqiang’s mum is not really in very good health, he needs to lighten her burden

And of course, there is his goddess still studying in his university, the goddess named XiXi.

Xixi is two years zhiqiang’s junior in the university. With a cute face and boobs that sways, she caught the eyes of many boys in the university. Zhiqiang was lucky to know her in a society in their university. Although zhiqiang has yet to succeed becoming her boyfriend, Xixi told him she will not get a boyfriend to distract her from her studies until she graduates. Zhiqiang set a goal for himself on his graduation day, that is when Xixi graduates, he must achieves enough in career for Xixi is choose him over the others.


This serial novel is a adaptation of my independent movie script, “FUCK TV” (, hoping to get my interest from the public before I start a crowdfunding attempt to raise money to make the movie. If you like this story, please donate at the official website


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