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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 003

Zhiqiang is surrounded by an all white nothingness again. This time there is no TV set with him, but Mr Bai Jia Zi, the host and boss of FUCK TV who often appears in the TV channel

As usual, Bai Jia Zi uses his “fuck your mom” look staring at Zhiqiang. Zhiqiang can only felt his body not being able to move. Bai Jia Zi took out a stack of currency and smashes them against Zhiqiang’s face. Zhiqiang wants to reach out towards the scattered wealth but his hands and legs remains disobedient.

Having someone you hate smashing money at your face is really not that bad, if you can pick up the money afterwards. Zhiqiang is more than willing to be in this situation, being in the finance sector for a few years, he had seen worse cases than this. This is nothing to him

But if the money is not reachable, retrievable, just sits there like moon from earth after smashing his face, Zhiqiang feels like a rabbit chasing a constantly running carrot. Blessed is the rabbit, having the choice to stop chasing, but ZHiqiang cannot choose now to not being smashed in the face with money by Bai Jia Zi

Zhiqiang already knew Bai Jia zi before FUCKTV starts broadcasting; being parachuted into the world news at the age of 28 by super rich man Bai Ji Guang as his long covered up son, no information is available on this mysterious young punk on his first 28 year of existence. It is really not exaggerating to claim he was not even living on earth before that, and people didn’t care as well. The public is more interested in his life after 28 years old. After introducing Bai Jia Zi to the world, Bai Ji Guang vaporized mysteriously, a strong resemblance of how his son appeared. His strange will at the lawyer made Bai Jia zai inherited his huge wealth as well the the number one man in his business empire. Bai Jia Zi was 28, 29 then, but he made himself looked like a freak by going to a plastic surgeon to give him a bald top, grey hair, look of his father’s sworn enemy in the business world, Li Gang, and hands always showing the middle finger by default when no strength is asserted. He thought these actions and image will fend off vulture like members of the board of directors in the company who can’t wait to take over this inexperienced young punk. Before FUCK TV was officially announced, Bai Jia Zi used ways that even the government can only watch to swallow the whole business empire of Li Gang, resulting in his eventual suicide. This stabilized his status not only within his father’s business empire, but also within the whole society.












Zhiqiang may hate Li Gang to the core, but taking him out did not make Zhiqiang has a good impression of Bai Jia Zi. On the contrary, Zhiqiang hate Bai Jia Zi more than Li Gang. It was speculated that because of his status in the society, Bai Jia Zi felt arrogant enough to start a TV channel like FUCK TV.

Zhiqiang has his face being smashed by stacks of money, while being yelled “Fuck your mother” by the demonic Bai Jia Zi. Looking at the unreachable fortune bouncing of his face, Zhiqiang’s anger is molten red.

The alarm clock armed itself with a electric stick and close in quietly, then with all its strength stab onto Zhiqiang’s eyelid.

Zhiqiang screamed and finally got off him nightmare, drenched in sweat.

Meiting was not a bit distracted by the loud scream, she has her eyes fixed to the TV program of FUCK TV.

Conincidently, it’s Bai Jia Zi’s showtime on spouting nonsense again. Meiting knows she needs to be the most focus now to listen very carefully. All the previous failures for the last few months was a result of being taking too seriously the content that Bai Jia Zi was speaking about. Nothing in the world can distract Meiting now, not even when Bai Jia Zi is talking furiously to convince the audience on a theory; that every female ever lived is a prostitute.


This serial novel is a adaptation of my independent movie script, “FUCK TV” (, hoping to get my interest from the public before I start a crowdfunding attempt to raise money to make the movie. If you like this story, please donate at the official website


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