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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 002

Five years ago

The inexperienced smart jacket failed to conceal Zhiqiang’s anxiety

“Briefly introduce yourself”

Zhiqiang’s subconciousness flashed a small moment of celebration and within half a second, dished out the words he memorized the last few days for this interview.

“My name is Chen Zhiqiang. I got my honors in Economics from Harvard this year.I did my internship at the Citibank for a cumulative time of 8 months. During that time, I processed and analyzed the statistics of the customers in the wealth management department. I may lack in experience, but I am sure with my eagerness in learning, proactive attitude and hardworking nature, I will create value for the company that takes me in. I am here today to apply for the position of junior investment officer.”

The interviewer continue reading Zhiqiang’s information on the papers and to spare a look at Zhiqiang would be too bothersome.

“Our starting salary is one million USD per month before tax, can you accept that?”

A pail of foul water diminished half of Zhiqiang’s positivity

“…the papers said that starting salary is at least 1.5million…”

The interviewer has his eyes filled with impatience and a pinch of contempt

“did you see the queue outside before you come in?”

“……yes, I did”

“Thus” the interviewer finally lean forward a little, and stares with his blackmailing eyeballs. “it’s not longer 1.5 mil. Get it?”

“Got it” Zhiqiang is a sheep without his wools, and is totally owned by a wolf who needs no disguise.

“If it’s fine with you, please go over to that computer there and key in your particulars. Next!”

Convenient stores are one of Zhiqiang’s favorite place for a short visit. Whenever he is tired from studying, no matter how late it is into the night, the convenient store is always open. If he is lucky, there will be a cute part timer girl behind the counter.

Zhiqiang took a packet of his favorite chocolate flavored milk, delicious and freshening chocolate flavored milk, the chocolate flavored milk that accompanied his countless nights of internet games, countless nights of last minute work before the exams, and walks to the counter

“twelve grand”

Lady luck is not smiling to Zhiqiang today, he isn’t that confident with that interview, and it is not a cute part timer girl behind the counter

Zhiqiang decided that before he lands a job, he would only just have a packet of his favorite milk for lunch, that would give him more time to prepare for the two other interviews in the afternoon.

Standing in the middle of the financial district, Zhiqiang looks upon the ant like crowd of man and women wearing similar smart looking coat like uniform like himself, dashing in and out of skyscrapers that seems to harbor tons of sweets and sugar while having a similar look that that interviewer just now. Suddenly, he felt the sky he was so familiar to stands to change color.



This serial novel is a adaptation of my independent movie script, “FUCK TV” (, hoping to get my interest from the public before I start a crowdfunding attempt to raise money to make the movie. If you like this story, please donate at the official website


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