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“FUCK TV” movie script, web novel edition – 001

Exhaustion wrapped around Zhiqiang’s face.

With in the left and right side of the TV screen are the left and right foot soles of a fat man places on little pure white chairs. At the center of the screen is the unobstructed view of his crotch with a pure white underwear, presented with bended knees and wide open legs.  The seams of the underwear could not fully cover the black forest bursting out of the slightly undersized garment. Fortunately, Zhiqiang has learnt how to ignore what he does not want to know

Zhiqiang’s eyes started to play tricks on him again. Maybe his eyes are just a replicate of his present state now; being instigated by the brain to do what they do not really want to do. Zhiqiang has enough reasons to be instigated the same way to watch his absurd TV channel

Zhiqiang’s living room vanquished into a total white nothingness, except the all attentive Zhiqiang watching the TV.

This strange environment made Zhiqiang turned around to confirm its still his living room in the first second, whipping his eyeballs back to the crotch of the fat man and listened if there’s any sound from the TV while recalled if he missed anything in the next, and return his system back to normal by the third second.

Zhiqiang is a hungry tiger in the desert waiting for that zebra to appear…chances are slim but he has to wait. Giving up now means the hard work for the past 17 days going down the drain.

The alarm sound from the bedroom is the booster, Within a second, Zhiqiang checked the digital clock sitting on top of his TV. He knows that he just need to endure twenty minutes more, and Meiting will take over the role of the desperate tiger.

The alarm is wrecking Meiting’s nerves. Leaded eyelids are being shoveled open by tractors, exposing eyes balls tangled by red spider webs.

Meiting looks at herself in the mirror; toothbrush is the mouth, foam around lips, hair yet to be combed; Will Zhiqiang be with someone like me forever? The toaster’s reminder pulled her back to reality. She ate the toast like yesterday, drank the coffee like yesterday, prepared paper and pen like yesterday

The digital clock reported six fifty nine, Meiting sits down beside Zhiqiang

Zhiqiang is not a bit distracted while Meiting starts to get into Zhiqiang’s present state of attentiveness.

Seven o’clock


The bowstringed nerves shot all the pressure out of Zhiqiang’s biological system. He looked at the roof for one point seven eight second, then kept his paper and pen well. Ate the other portion of the toast prepared by Meiting, and finished the milk that he now hates

Zhiqiang looks at herself in the mirror; toothbrush is the mouth, foam around lips, hair requires no combing; he took the toothbrush out of his mouth, wiped the foams away, and started his daily spiritual encouragement

“My name is Chen Zhiqiang. I got my honors in Economics from Harvard this year.I did my internship at the Citibank for a cumulative time of 8 months. During that time, I processed and analyzed the statistics of the customers in the wealth management department. I am rich in experience, great eagerness in learning, has a proactive attitude and a hardworking nature, I will win this war with that bastard’s FUCK TV!”



This serial novel is a adaptation of my independent movie script, “FUCK TV” (, hoping to get my interest from the public before I start a crowdfunding attempt to raise money to make the movie. If you like this story, please donate at the official website


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