Professional singaporean photographer based in shanghai,china. Does photography for china, singapore and asia.

“Exit” series at the Berlin Wall

The berlin wall was a childhood memory i had heard often in the TV. i remembered watching one of the world cups and there was still “West Germany”, and then there was just “Germany” in the next world cup.

Somehow, i was quite interested by the fact that this wall could ever been torn down, and I made it a point to find out f there was any leftover of the wall in germany.

I was happy to know that about 1KM of the wall was conserved and turned into “The East side gallery”, where the wall itself is a gallery for graffitti artist. it was a long walk to see all the graffiti but i enjoyed it very much. Most of the graffiti speaks of peace, anti brainwashing and anti war.

I chose a few of my favorite graffiti to photograph for my Exit series.

berlin_wall000 berlin_wall001 berlin_wall002 berlin_wall003


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