Professional singaporean photographer based in shanghai,china. Does photography for china, singapore and asia.

“FUCK TV” – my independent movie project

This is the facebook page of my independent movie, “FUCK TV”

“FUCK TV” facebook page

a simple synopsis of my movie:
It is year 2164. Super rich man, Bai Jia zi, started TV channel “FUCK TV” and began his mission of providing 24/7 of horrendous TV programs to the audience; sound cracking song singers, weird dancers, mind bogging advertisements and a vulgarity infested host.

Surprisingly, “FUCK TV” receives the highest viewer-ship just 1 month after its debut.

Zhiqiang and his wife, are one such couple whom decides to quit their jobs to take turns watching this horrible TV channel 24hours a day for 28 days consecutively.

What could bring Zhiqiang and his wife to watch such a TV channel in this manner?


to give the audience an idea of what kind of TV programs the characters in the movie would actually be watching, please watch the teasers below


as with any other independent films, the project is cash tight, and would appreciate any financial help to continue finishing on this film


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