Professional singaporean photographer based in shanghai,china. Does photography for china, singapore and asia.

“Exit” series – Ping Shan 3

The three holes in the photo is naturally formed over a couple of hundreds years by annual floods during the rainy season at Ping Shan, a small town 2 hours car ride from Sichuan’s Yibing.
during every year’s rainy season, the river will emerge over the place in the photo and pot holes are formed by the spinning currents in the river. the floods usually come once in a few days during the raining season, it takes a few hundreds of years (or more) for these pot holes to form.
this place is a common hangout for the local kids, playing hide and seek in the holes without water, and playing “water bombs” in those with water by throwing small firecrackers into the holes and watch the water splash. of course…i tried too.

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