Professional singaporean photographer based in shanghai,china. Does photography for china, singapore and asia.

“The Chance” by Nike-Dalian, 耐克-绿茵争程-大连

This was my first time in Dalian. I was full of expectations for the so called “Beauties in Dalian” but was quite disappointed after my short 2 days stay there. maybe I wasn’t going to the right places.

I was hoping to get more shots of the chosen players being excited and celebrating…but somehow…when their names or number is announced as one of the chosen 6, they just had a slight smile (so short that I didn’t have time to point the camera at them) and walk up to the judges/coaches.

I had a chance to go to the seaside of Dalian, the one that I went to has better water quality than the other beaches in china that I have been to.


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